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Damn fine design that delivers

Just about everything is fascinating … if you look closely enough.

I've always enjoyed discovering the quirky esoteric knowledge buried deep within any given subject. I feel like it’s that kind of curiosity that helps me approach problems from several different angles and make unique connections in my creative work. It’s in that type of exploration that you're most likely to find some magic.

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my story

Designing professionally since the turn of the century!

Sure, that's a nerdy dad-joke of mine, but it also means that I've been doing this long enough to have worked on most types of design projects. I know what it takes to carry a project from concept through completion.

I'm currently an art director working remotely from my home in the rural Midwest where I like to chase hobbies and make messes with my four young children and my incredibly understanding wife.

“Aaron is a talented, intelligent and detail-orientated designer. He can easily be trusted with both high-profile strategic programs and quick daily requests. Aaron is a true go-to designer.”

– Mike S., Creative Director

my outlook

Take pride in the craft and respect what design can do.

Graphic design is an incredibly powerful combination of logic and art. It's visual communication with fundamentals rooted in human nature that can drive people to action. That alone can get pretty damn heavy when you start digging into the potential impact it can have.

But it doesn't always have to be so serious. Sometimes great design can simply be a clever logo or a rad little sticker that makes people smile, and that's a beautiful thing too.

self reflection

aaron arthur graff

I'm an experienced art director with a passion for the fundamentals of graphic design, creative concepts, and sharing things I've learned along the way.


BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS \\ Graphic Communication at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, 2003


ElementArt DirectorAug 2015 – Present
Kite & Anchor StudioOwner/CreativeMar 2014 – Jan 2016
Spark AdvertisingCreative DirectorMay 2013 – May 2014
Brand DirectionsSenior Art DirectorJul 2009 – May 2013
Cannondale Sports GroupSenior DesignerSep 2008 – Jul 2009

(See full career path on LinkedIn)


  • Brand Identity, Print Collateral, Direct Mail, Digital Ads, Web Design, Trade Show Displays, Signage, Packaging Graphics …

  • (Expert) Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

  • (Proficient) Adobe Premiere, Figma, and MS Office

  • (Familiar) Adobe After Effects

  • Creative Concept Development

  • Layout & Typography

  • Copywriting & Proofing

  • Studio Photography

  • Reviewing Layouts for Brand Consistency

  • Teaching & Mentoring

“Aaron is an effective communicator, solid presenter, and has an affable personality which makes him an approachable team leader, co-worker, and client contact.”

– Vicki W., Copywriter

“Aaron’s creativity and leadership make him an asset to any organization. Given the opportunity, I would hire Aaron again.”

– Bruno M., EVP


logo design & brand guides

A clear visual identity + consistent presentation = brand impression. It's important.

“Aaron diligently listened to the client and paused to learn before diving into design. The end result leveled-up the brand in a big way but more importantly, fit with the client's vision."

– Brandon W., CEO


packaging graphics & direct mail

Seeing something you've designed out in the wild never gets old.

“First of all, THESE ARE AMAZING!!!! We are absolutely blown away by the look and feel of what you’ve presented. They’re beyond what we’d hoped for!"

– Maria H., Director of Product Development


digital & multi-channnel

Websites, digital ads, social media content, and multi-channel. It's all here.


long-form marketing materials

Organizing long-form content into digestible formats through information hierarchy and structure.


illustration & photo composites

Humans process visual information much more quickly than written. See? Even science says art wins.

“Aaron is one of the best concept people I’ve ever worked with. If there was a brainstorming session, he was the guy you wanted in the room."

– Jane O., Creative Director